WTF Just Happened Today?

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Staying sane in the US given the whirlwind of insanity spewing out of our 24 hour new cycle is hard. This website has been very helpfulĀ  in filtering out all of the drama and spin in the news and breaking it down to the facts of the major news stories of the day, their supporting articles and most importantly the Facts. Actual facts not alternative ones minus the drama and celebrity gossip. Just the stories accurately documenting the daily shock & awe.

I hope it helps you too.

WTF Just Happened Today?


Some Nice Web Design / Graphic Design freebies here.


Some Nice Web Design / Graphic Design freebies here.

in the process of setting up my new hosting account i came across these links on the hosting companies blog. Good Stuff, i have been going to BittBox for years. they always have great tutorials and Content, maybe someday this lil blog of mine will be as respected. lol yea right.

Large Format, Crops & Bleeds…

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Thanks To Spoon Graphics Blog for this sweet Crop & Bleeds Tutorial

Came across this while looking for a way to get bigger bleed settings out of Illustrator, I have been designing Large format Banners lately and cs6 seems to have a hard limit of a 3in bleed max limit which seems too small for these big jobs. it looks like the best way its to follow the technique described in this

Second tutorial. by

How to get Your Illustrator Files Print Ready!

But this Tutorial, I found via Creative Curio filled in quite s few gaps in my knowledge, and may end up being the most useful to me.

How to Setup Large Format Files

The quest goes on…

Roman Hanging Punctuation, What is it and How do I use it Effectively?


Roman Hanging Punctuation, What is it and How do I use it Effectively?

Nice tutorial to take your Text design skills to the next level. I’m always looking for little subtle things i can do that help differentiate my work from that of my co-workers & peers. And Perfecting ones typography skills is a good area to do this with.