Found a Few Sweet Illustrator Typography Tutorials Today

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I work with the Adobe Suite Daily at my current job and usually at least once or twice a day i will run into some thing that requires me to do some research to figure out how to pull it off. So i have to got tutorial /forum diving to find it and every know and then i find some really great stuff.

I’m always trying to be better with my typography, and this tutorial i found really makes it simple to think with type in new ways. I love that it jumps right into modifying a font to make it unique, and gives several easy examples that can make a huge difference in look.

This one is more of breakdown of how type works in Illustrator, I learned few things i didn’t know…

The real gem though, i found in a  forum, how to break up a text block without converting to outlines or using a complicated script

This is how you do it, dead simple. from the forums.

“Try “Flatten Transparency” and make sure the “CONVERT TEXT TO OUTLINES” is off… then ungroup and Bobs yer uncle…

Forgot to add that it’s still editable text.

There’s the winner.
simple – fast


wayne k”

The post i found this in was from 2009, but i just tried this is CS5.5 and it works like a charm! break up the text box by line, which since i was coppying numbers sequences from Excel is perfect!