BLAME! Movie on Netflix is pretty Damned Good!

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Blame! one of my all time favorite Manga just got a movie and it’s pretty great. They captured the vibe of the work perfectly.
The world of Blame! is set in the Endless City, an out of control AI built and maintained solid Dyson Sphere that has expanded at least to the orbital radius of Jupiter. It is a dystopian cyberpunk post-apocalypse that is the result of humanity losing connection to the control system of the structure over a millennium ago, and then being deemed a threat to be exterminated by its defenses.
They have made a succinct movie by focusing on one very small arc of the overall story. The film has a kind of Mad Max: Fury Road vibe in that Killy is used as more of a supporting character that enables the more relate-able Electro Fishers story to progress while not delving too deeply into Killy’s Story/Mission.
The true scale of his story would be impossible to cover in a single movie. Here is hoping that the movie does well enough that we either get a series of them or a full on anime series about his journey.
Blame! is awesome and I cannot recommend the Manga enough. This movie is a pretty solid intro to what it’s all about thematically.


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I really almost can’t explain how happy this makes me, Duck Tales was one of the truly great cartoons of my childhood and it still holds up remarkably well today. I love that a whole new generation is going to get to fall in love with these characters too. The new voice cast is amazing, and I love that they have finally given each of the nephews truly distinct voices and personalities this time. Also David Tennant as Scrooge is genius!

Take a look at the first trailer below.

Animating Light – Akira

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When I went to school for 3D Animation, lighting was one of my worst areas so I focused on my strengths of Character Modeling & Animation. This video I recently found gives a fantastic breakdown on the power of light in animation and why understanding how it works is so important, it just so happens to use one of my favorite films of all time as it’s example.