I’ve been a fair number of places


I’ve been around a bit, would like to visit more states should the opportunities arise.

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WTF Just Happened Today?

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Staying sane in the US given the whirlwind of insanity spewing out of our 24 hour new cycle is hard. This website has been very helpfulĀ  in filtering out all of the drama and spin in the news and breaking it down to the facts of the major news stories of the day, their supporting articles and most importantly the Facts. Actual facts not alternative ones minus the drama and celebrity gossip. Just the stories accurately documenting the daily shock & awe.

I hope it helps you too.

WTF Just Happened Today?

Hot DAMN! The Atomic Blonde Trailer is Off the CHAIN!

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I’m sold, sign me up I can’t wait to see this. It’s being done by the same team behind John Wick…and I have to say I love this new Action renaissance that is going on lately. I’m so over the frenetic jump cuts that don’t let you see anything. Bring on the BALLET OF DEATH!

Thumbtack is Awesome


I’ve been getting new clients through this new site that is just amazing! you should check it out, it’s a great alternative to Freelancer!

J5 Design

J5 Design

I’m a local designer who is dedicated to providing the best for my clients. My rates are reasonable and my turnaround times are fast, i make changes quickly and always strive to produce excellent…

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