Tribute to one of the true greats of animation, Hayao Miyazaki

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Naussica of the Valley of the Wind was one of the first Anime films i discovered after Akira, and it has been one of my favorite movies ever since. There is a kind of pure wonder that he always manages to infuse into his film making that has always entranced me. I was very happy to hear that he has come back out of retirement to make another film.

An obsession with flight is something I myself have. I blame it on my dad taking me to see Top Gun when I was 12, because after that i really wanted to be going Mach 2 with my hair on fire.

And I have secretly wanted a Jet Wingboard like Nausicca’s for over 20 years now.



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I really almost can’t explain how happy this makes me, Duck Tales was one of the truly great cartoons of my childhood and it still holds up remarkably well today. I love that a whole new generation is going to get to fall in love with these characters too. The new voice cast is amazing, and I love that they have finally given each of the nephews truly distinct voices and personalities this time. Also David Tennant as Scrooge is genius!

Take a look at the first trailer below.

If you think White Washing is an issue with the New Ghost in the Shell Movie. You don’t know the material.

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I’ve been a Huge Fan of Ghost in the Shell creator, Masamune Shirow’s, work for decades now, I have first prints of the Dark Horse Comic release of the first series in my comics boxes. I even have the misprint with the doubled up Color Pages. The Major’s racial identity/sexuality has always been ambiguous in the comics and various Anime adaptions and frankly discussion of it is kind of pointless, She is a full body cyborg. The only organic part of her is her brain, it’s in the title, Ghost in the Shell, its pretty self explanatory!

Ghost in the Shell has always been about the exploration of what is consciousness, what is the self when only the mind remains. It’s pretty much one of the defining themes of the work. All of these people up in arms about Scarlett Johansson getting the role are reactionary idiots who do not understand A: the Source Material and B: the economics of Hollywood.

This video gives a great Breakdown of these points and made a few I had not previously considered.

Sharing a personal cause of mine here…

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I’m a bit of a music nut so, when I find awesome music, I want to share it with as many people as I can. So my cause in this instance being to letting you all know about this movie ” A Band Called Death” that just recently came out. Death, was a nearly forgotten hard rock band, from Detroit in the early 70’s.

The three Hackney brothers were light years ahead of their time, having discovered a sound that was unlike any other. They recorded most of an album and after turning down a record contract that was contingent on them changing their name they ran into a wall of refusal. Three Black Guys from Detroit playing Hard rock that was anything but Motown and, oh yea, they are NAMED DEATH…with the rise of disco never they got their record deal. I’m saving the best twist for the trailer. Give it a look and give the album a listen, Their Story is so good, you couldn’t have made it up if you tried.

I hope you enjoy discovering this amazing little piece of rock history as much as i did…