BLAME! Movie on Netflix is pretty Damned Good!

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Blame! one of my all time favorite Manga just got a movie and it’s pretty great. They captured the vibe of the work perfectly.
The world of Blame! is set in the Endless City, an out of control AI built and maintained solid Dyson Sphere that has expanded at least to the orbital radius of Jupiter. It is a dystopian cyberpunk post-apocalypse that is the result of humanity losing connection to the control system of the structure over a millennium ago, and then being deemed a threat to be exterminated by its defenses.
They have made a succinct movie by focusing on one very small arc of the overall story. The film has a kind of Mad Max: Fury Road vibe in that Killy is used as more of a supporting character that enables the more relate-able Electro Fishers story to progress while not delving too deeply into Killy’s Story/Mission.
The true scale of his story would be impossible to cover in a single movie. Here is hoping that the movie does well enough that we either get a series of them or a full on anime series about his journey.
Blame! is awesome and I cannot recommend the Manga enough. This movie is a pretty solid intro to what it’s all about thematically.

Dredd Retrospective Review – Oliver Harper (Spoilers)

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I discovered Oliver Harper’s Retrospectives last year, he provides really great insights into many of my favorite movies. He dives deep into every aspect from the production, through the marketing, to a review and breakdown of the films successes and failures.

I thought Dredd was fantastic, if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. It deserved to be more successful that it was, and if it had gotten more effective marketing and a wider 2D release it probably would have done much better. I have hopes that the Netflix / Amazon series rumors pan out, as I think it would be the best possible format for the character and would go a long way to expanding the audience for him.

Hot DAMN! The Atomic Blonde Trailer is Off the CHAIN!

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I’m sold, sign me up I can’t wait to see this. It’s being done by the same team behind John Wick…and I have to say I love this new Action renaissance that is going on lately. I’m so over the frenetic jump cuts that don’t let you see anything. Bring on the BALLET OF DEATH!

Tribute to one of the true greats of animation, Hayao Miyazaki

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Naussica of the Valley of the Wind was one of the first Anime films i discovered after Akira, and it has been one of my favorite movies ever since. There is a kind of pure wonder that he always manages to infuse into his film making that has always entranced me. I was very happy to hear that he has come back out of retirement to make another film.

An obsession with flight is something I myself have. I blame it on my dad taking me to see Top Gun when I was 12, because after that i really wanted to be going Mach 2 with my hair on fire.

And I have secretly wanted a Jet Wingboard like Nausicca’s for over 20 years now.

If you think White Washing is an issue with the New Ghost in the Shell Movie. You don’t know the material.

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I’ve been a Huge Fan of Ghost in the Shell creator, Masamune Shirow’s, work for decades now, I have first prints of the Dark Horse Comic release of the first series in my comics boxes. I even have the misprint with the doubled up Color Pages. The Major’s racial identity/sexuality has always been ambiguous in the comics and various Anime adaptions and frankly discussion of it is kind of pointless, She is a full body cyborg. The only organic part of her is her brain, it’s in the title, Ghost in the Shell, its pretty self explanatory!

Ghost in the Shell has always been about the exploration of what is consciousness, what is the self when only the mind remains. It’s pretty much one of the defining themes of the work. All of these people up in arms about Scarlett Johansson getting the role are reactionary idiots who do not understand A: the Source Material and B: the economics of Hollywood.

This video gives a great Breakdown of these points and made a few I had not previously considered.