Tribute to one of the true greats of animation, Hayao Miyazaki

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Naussica of the Valley of the Wind was one of the first Anime films i discovered after Akira, and it has been one of my favorite movies ever since. There is a kind of pure wonder that he always manages to infuse into his film making that has always entranced me. I was very happy to hear that he has come back out of retirement to make another film.

An obsession with flight is something I myself have. I blame it on my dad taking me to see Top Gun when I was 12, because after that i really wanted to be going Mach 2 with my hair on fire.

And I have secretly wanted a Jet Wingboard like Nausicca’s for over 20 years now.


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I really almost can’t explain how happy this makes me, Duck Tales was one of the truly great cartoons of my childhood and it still holds up remarkably well today. I love that a whole new generation is going to get to fall in love with these characters too. The new voice cast is amazing, and I love that they have finally given each of the nephews truly distinct voices and personalities this time. Also David Tennant as Scrooge is genius!

Take a look at the first trailer below.

Animating Light – Akira

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When I went to school for 3D Animation, lighting was one of my worst areas so I focused on my strengths of Character Modeling & Animation. This video I recently found gives a fantastic breakdown on the power of light in animation and why understanding how it works is so important, it just so happens to use one of my favorite films of all time as it’s example.