Sharing a personal cause of mine here…

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I’m a bit of a music nut so, when I find awesome music, I want to share it with as many people as I can. So my cause in this instance being to letting you all know about this movie ” A Band Called Death” that just recently came out. Death, was a nearly forgotten hard rock band, from Detroit in the early 70’s.

The three Hackney brothers were light years ahead of their time, having discovered a sound that was unlike any other. They recorded most of an album and after turning down a record contract that was contingent on them changing their name they ran into a wall of refusal. Three Black Guys from Detroit playing Hard rock that was anything but Motown and, oh yea, they are NAMED DEATH…with the rise of disco never they got their record deal. I’m saving the best twist for the trailer. Give it a look and give the album a listen, Their Story is so good, you couldn’t have made it up if you tried.

I hope you enjoy discovering this amazing little piece of rock history as much as i did…


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